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Essay writing topic need for conservation of ozone layer - Essay on Effects of Ozone Layer Depletion

Essay on Effects of Ozone Layer Depletion. Article shared by. The upper layer of the atmosphere surrounded by ozone (15 to 30 Kms) is known as ozonosphere. Ozone layer is a protective stratospheric layer, also known as ozone umbrella.

Due to depletion of ozone layer, the Earth is exposed to the ultra-violate radiation.

Short essay on Pollution and Ozone Layer

These rays cause harmful effect to living beings on the Earth. It affects process of photosynthesis in plants. Rise in the temperature, various skin diseases, decrease of immunity etc are the probable results. For the protection of ozone layer, Vienna Conference in March, was held. In SeptemberMontreal Protocol was signed. This was followed by the Kyoto Protocol of It called for the cessation of CFC production by The treaty was opened for signature on September 16,and entered into force on January 1,followed by a first meeting in Helsinki, May Since then, it has undergone seven revisions, in LondonNairobiCopenhagenBangkokViennaMontrealand Beijing.


It is believed that if the international agreement is adhered to, the ozone layer is expected to recover by Under this protocol a global fund is established to aid those developing nations who cannot afford technological costs for alternative chemicals.

It filters out all radiations below A0 UV-B radiations that are biologically harmful, and controls the heat budget of the earth. Anthropogenic damage to the ozone layer: While most of the source gases are of natural origin, others have been introduced in nature by man.

It was thus realized that there is a growing probability of megan essay council bluffs ymca to ozone layer by human activities.

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In early seventies, supersonic transport was the chief cause of NOx radical output into the stratosphere. Considering all other changes in trace gas system e. Development of the phenomenon occurred parallel to the increase of the atmospheric chlorine content produced by cover letter for vet assistant emission of CFCs. The ozone destroying processes in that region influence the ozone, region of the whole southern hemisphere.

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Since the early seventies, when CFCs came into market, a large quantity has been injected into the atmosphere. CFCs released up to amount to 15 million tones. The developed countries account euthanasia thesis statements 1. Global consumption of CFCs estimated in accounts to 1.

Ozone Layer Depletion

CFCs released up toamounted to 15 million tones. Since the life of these molecules is around years, even with the adoption of protocols put forward at Montreal and London which were further refined at Copenhagen to make them acceptable to all countries, the ozone layer is not likely to make a significant recovery until the middle of next century. For euthanasia thesis statements ozone layer to return to its natural state, the chlorine loading which is presently 3 ppbv has to be brought down to a level below 2 ppbv.

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Northern America was rather awake. In SeptemberMontreal Protocol was signed. Ultraviolet rays can also cause harm to marine life by reducing the amount of planktons and consequently depreciates the amount of fishes in the ocean.

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One of these oxygen atoms combines with 02 of upper stratosphere forming

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In industries it is used in deodorization, oxidation and bleaching and is generated by a silent electric discharge in ordinary Oxygen.

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CFCs would remain in the stratosphere for another years if none we have taken for the problem. Conservation of Ozone Layer.